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[SG10] Feature-test macros for the Fundamentals TS

From: Jeffrey Yasskin <jyasskin_at_[hidden]>
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2014 21:36:32 -0800
I have the beginning of a feature-test section at
based on Walter Brown's papers, with the suggestions slightly renamed
to be in an "experimental" "namespace" like Beman suggested for the
filesystem TS.

lists the remaining features in the current Fundamentals Working
Draft. Thanks to Clark for putting it together!

The question before our two groups is how we want to go about filling
in the table before the end of the Rapperswil meeting.

What pattern do we want to impose on the names? Was I right to add
"experimental" inside Walter's suggestions? Should we define a macro
for when the fundamentals_v1 namespace is available? Do we want to
provide a macro for things in headers like <experimental/optional>
whose APIs may change within a single iteration of the TS? Is the
right value for these macros the yyyymm of the meeting where the
change was made to the TS or the meeting where the PDTS is created, or
something else?

Jeffrey (who is only on the lib-ext mailing list, so if discussion
forks off into features@, please let me know what you conclude)

Received on 2014-03-05 06:36:55