It probably is also related to (Inspecting exception_ptr / Observing exceptions stored in exception_ptr) by Gor Nishanov and Arthur O'Dwyer, which introduces try_cast.

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Betreff: [std-proposals] std::typeid_except ( Paper Attached )
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We should have access to the 'type_info' of any object that is thrown,
even if it is caught inside a 'catch(...)' block. I first proposed
this 14 months ago on this mailing list, and there were 22 replies in
the original thread:

Most replies were in favour of having this new feature in C++26.

I have written a paper in the format expected by the committee, with
the headings:
[ Introduction, Motivations, Impact on the standard, Impact on
existing code, Design considerations, Proposed wording, References ]

I intend for this paper to be allocated a Pxxxx number and for it to
be put forward to the committee for a vote. My paper is attached to
this email, and can also be accessed at:
Std-Proposals mailing list