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I have drafted another C++ proposal:

I like this a lot!
Nits and comments:

Abstract: "This proposal seeks to..." — You can cut those words; just "Deprecate ellipsis parameters without..." gets right to the point.
"Erin, when you recount your day, never say you woke up. It's a waste of your time."

"proposed to make" — maybe "also proposed to make"? Maybe even say what the first part of that proposal was, so that when later you talk about "the latter part" it's clearer what you mean? I assume P1219 proposed to permit `int...` to mean "a pack of ints", and also proposed to make the separating comma prior to an ellipsis mandatory. EWGI liked this latter part.

`class T...` should be `class... T`, and also please rename `T` to `Ts` ("packs should be plural").

The C-compatibility section is very important and good and also news to me. Are you saying that `int f(int x ...)` has never been valid C, all the way back to C89? That should be the above-the-fold headline! Maybe even include "The deprecated syntax has never been valid C" in the Abstract, if it's a true statement. (OTOH if that would be a false statement, then this section would have led me to believe something false, and so it would help to talk about e.g. "C99" or "C11" instead of "C".)

FWIW, I haven't heard "abominable pack" before (and neither has Google). I suggest that if you're telling the reader about a fun term you learned, you give a hyperlink to the source; and if you're telling the reader a fun term you invented, you don't bother introducing the term here (because this is its only usage, and you're deprecating it — it doesn't need a fun name).

The second Note in that section seems wrong to me; I'd like to see an example. Off the top of my head, I don't think explicit template arguments would help here. But OTOH, this would be fine:
  template<class... Ts>
  struct S {
    static int f(Ts..., ...);
  int i = S<int, int>::f(1, 2, 3, 4);  // pack is (1,2), varargs are (3,4)

Anyway, looks like a well-crafted and long-overdue proposal!



Please share your thoughts :)
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