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On 2/22/24 6:05 AM, Nikl Kelbon via Std-Proposals wrote:
Im talking about standard aid to things like .natvis file from vs studio on C++ level, better representation of user-defined string in debugger etc

чт, 22 февр. 2024 г. в 15:03, Sebastian Wittmeier via Std-Proposals <>:

Hi Nikl,


can you elaborate a bit more, please?


Debug printing could comprise


1) Special output facilities / streams (e.g. trace consoles, logfiles, ...)

2) Turning on/off not only output, but also code generation of getting the values in debug/release modes

3) Output of text strings or of structured data (e.g. key-value pairs)

4) Formatting and visualization


Which topic are you talking about, and which restrictions do you envision to print values better?

Can you at least give an example?




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