On Thu, Feb 22, 2024 at 5:49 AM Phil Bouchard wrote:


I wrote the aforementioned for my employer a while ago and the containers were heavily tested on a multicore node.

The headers are very generic, efficient and compact. For the sake of not reinventing the wheel I was considering purchasing my own code and making it Open Source.

If I do so is that something the ISO committee would be interested to integrate into the standards?

Without knowing how the containers are implemented and without seeing the performance statistics, I don't know how anyone could answer that question.

When it comes to containers though, I'd probably see about getting it into Boost first. Lots of stuff started out in Boost and made its way into the Standard.

I have used the "lockfree single producer single consumer" container in Boost a few times . . . you'd be doing well to get performance that good.

Also I'd test out your containers against std::synchronized_value< std::vector > to see if it's any faster.