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Please find below a LIVE LINK to a short 2-page proposal:

Aside: I find your habit of loudly calling these a LIVE LINK a little confusing, because Livelink is the official document repository for ISO working groups. All ISO C++ WG21 N-numbered papers get submitted to Livelink, but our P-numbered papers don't (that's one of the main reasons we started using P-numbers). So it's a bit confusing to see something that isn't even a P-paper yet referred to like that. I think everybody understands that google docs are "live" and can change.

D2879R0 Proposal of Pythonesque std::print extensions

We propose extensions to std::print/ln such that the format string is automatically deduced and/or extended from the arguments to std::print/ln - in a similar fashion to the existing practice of the Python `print` function, and like other similar functions from other languages.

This would benefit from references to the specs for other languages, showing precisely how they handle these cases. At the very least, a reference for the Python equivalent that is prominently referred to.

I also expected to see discussion of how it changes the behaviour of valid C++23 code.