For what it's worth, I'm strongly in favor of the underlying motivation of this proposal.

You should be able to write:

   void sort(Sortable& x);

as was originally intended when concepts were designed.

They added this auto nonsense at the last minute to obtain consensus from those that wanted to make such concept-based functions more distinctive as function templates than normal functions.  Most think that's silly and not worth fouling up the syntax, but we needed the votes of that minority to get it through.

It's possible that consensus can be obtained to overturn that design decision now that more people have gotten the chance to actually use concepts in the field.  (Although it's possible people are getting used to the bad syntax, too.)

On Mon, May 1, 2023 at 9:46 PM Михаил Найденов via Std-Proposals <> wrote:
Hello, I am resurrecting a 5 year proposal I never presented.
It suggests, "auto" in a "constrained auto" scenario can be replaced with a name, which will be a typename, introduced for the current function.
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