Floating the idea for Grouped-namespace "using" statements.

A grouped-namespace using statement is a shorter way to write multiple using statements that share a parent namespace.

using a::b::c::X, a::b::c::Y, a::b::c::Z;

can be replaced with

using a::b::c::{X, Y, Z};


Sometimes I have long namespace names, and I want to alias things from that namespace. The current way to do that requires me to retype the namespace a lot. See above.

This is annoying at time-of-writing because of the repetition and opportunity for typos. This is annoying at time-of-maintenance when namespace names change.


Allow grouped-namespace using statements as seen above.


100% ergonomics.

This solves no interesting computer science problems, nor does it introduce world peace.


I have 0 understanding of the edge cases around this. I just know I want it. If other people want it, we should make it part of the standard.


One more thing that implementations have to handle.