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     > Have you posted the latest version of your example code somewhere?

    It turns out there were issues in my own code,


    not detected by Windows
    and corrupting the memory which would then make the app randomly crash.

Yeah I don't want to defame Microsoft on misleading things but it was still mathematically impossible to debug the code without Linux.

Microsoft offers some useful and free tools for diagnosing such problems. See GFlags and PageHeap and the related references there for example.

I recommend exercising more restraint with regard to the veracity of the criticism you post to this list; it might just be the case that you have more to learn.


    In Linux it would detect the issues right off the bat and crash
    right away.

    Just a head's up here. I didn't use in any occasion Windows seriously
    for the last 23 years but that was the last time.

    Thank you,

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