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> So the question is whether it would be possible in all implementations to
> add any_base_cast / any_dynamic_cast without ABI break. We know that it is
> in libstdc++ and libc++. Do we have an answer for MSVC-STL?

I was playing with it smth. like 5-6 years ago and have lost the code, but I'll try to write what I remember.

Unlike Itanium ABI, in MSVC, exception handling is not based (only) on type_info, and the corresponding structures are not easily obtainable.

Right, and that wouldn't be attainable from what's currently in the MS-STL std::any, a std::type_info pointer with flags in the low bits - the manual vtable isn't extensible, and the trivial representation doesn't even have a vtable so as to make more efficient use of space - a nice trick.

So if we want Microsoft to implement this we'd need them either to add it to std::type_info itself (not sure how feasible this is) or wait for an ABI break in std::any (at the next toolset major).

AFAIR, I had a template function throwing an exception of type T*:

template<typename T>
void throwing() { throw T*{}; }

I was obtaining a pointer to it (`&throwing<T>`) and then scanned the function body binary code to get the address of the corresponding exception type info (it is dumped to the object file, but there is no symbol referring to it). AFAIR, it is a structure of ThrowInfo type [0], which has pCatchableTypeArray member [1], which enumerates the types of the handlers which can capture the exception.

So, when storing an object of type D, one should save its ThrowInfo, and then search for the B's CatchableType [2] when trying to cast to B, and, if present, it contains the offset to the B subobject [3].
AFAIR, pType [4] is just std::type_info.

So this method is ISA-dependent, because one will have to find the instruction containing the address (offset to) the ThrowInfo in `throwing<T>` binary code. Maybe ThrowInfo is more easily obtainable (now).

[0] https://github.com/Chuyu-Team/VC-LTL/blob/master/src/14.0.24210/ehdata.h#L369-L384
[1] https://github.com/Chuyu-Team/VC-LTL/blob/master/src/14.0.24210/ehdata.h#L382
[2] https://github.com/Chuyu-Team/VC-LTL/blob/master/src/14.0.24210/ehdata.h#L286-L298
[3] https://github.com/Chuyu-Team/VC-LTL/blob/master/src/14.0.24210/ehdata.h#L293
[4] https://github.com/Chuyu-Team/VC-LTL/blob/master/src/14.0.24210/ehdata.h#L288-L292