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> > Do we really want the C++ Standard to redefine English language
> > scientific terms?
> Yes, it does so all the time.

Should I make my programs future-proof today by preparing for the day
when Pi is no longer an irrational number?

You're just being silly now.

I mean you're telling me that the Standard can redefine simple English

No. The English term still means the same thing. The standard defines terms **using English words** but within the scope of the C++ standard, they have the meaning ascribed to them by the standard. The standard defines what "argument" means. That doesn't mean I can't have an argument with clowns on the internet, it just means that **within the scope of C++** that word has a specific meaning, as defined by the standard.

so if __uint128_t isn't an integer type, then I need to be
weary about Pi's rationality. I mean if all sense can go out the
window like that, then maybe I should just get an abacus and a pencil
and sod all this computer stuff.

Or are you perhaps proposing that it should be implementation-defined
whether or not Pi is a rational number?

Or perhaps should always be irrational, but the definition of
'irrational' is implementation-defined?
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