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Hi Andrew,


Thanks for the explanation.


I thought that if this email pre-discussion vetoes the idea, then it makes no sense to go to drafting it etc.

But if it’s not like that, I can start preparing a draft.

Yes, this list have no power over committee, but if you get strong push back, its possible same will happen in committee as
some people who could post there are members of it too.

Similarly, if someone points out that a similar proposal was rejected a couple of years ago,
you need to be ready to face a similar fate or put in a lot of work to avert it.



Aleksej Penkov


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Thanks a lot for the discussion and your comments.

So am I right with the understanding that the idea is a ‘no-go’?


That's not how the process works.  You need to write a formal proposal.  See https://www.stroustrup.com/how-to-write-a-proposal.pdf


You (or a champion) then need to present the formal proposal to WG21 at a meeting, likely the EWGI subgroup which deals initially with language extensions.  They will then discuss it and take a vote whether they want to consider working on it.


I'd start by writing a draft of the formal proposal and then posting the draft document to std-proposals.  We can let you know the next step once this is done.  For examples of other proposals see https://wg21.link/index.html


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