Hi Andrew,


Thanks for the explanation.


I thought that if this email pre-discussion vetoes the idea, then it makes no sense to go to drafting it etc.

But if it’s not like that, I can start preparing a draft.



Aleksej Penkov


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Thanks a lot for the discussion and your comments.

So am I right with the understanding that the idea is a ‘no-go’?


That's not how the process works.  You need to write a formal proposal.  See https://www.stroustrup.com/how-to-write-a-proposal.pdf


You (or a champion) then need to present the formal proposal to WG21 at a meeting, likely the EWGI subgroup which deals initially with language extensions.  They will then discuss it and take a vote whether they want to consider working on it.


I'd start by writing a draft of the formal proposal and then posting the draft document to std-proposals.  We can let you know the next step once this is done.  For examples of other proposals see https://wg21.link/index.html