This suggestion with improve C++, a million times.
This suggestion allows compilers to change their settings based on tags in the file itself.

Have a single cpp file, in it have tags at the top as square brackets, that tell the compiler every link, change it needs to do to run that program.
E.g. This tag will allow a compiler to change all its settings and set the file up as a dx12 program, all the libraries are brought in and linked etc.
It is such a simple change, but every developer will thank you a million fold.

This is what this will accomplish, every time you load the file, the compiler sets up its environment and all you have to do is press run, its that simple.
No more messing around with reading comments about you must link this library, include this file. Its all done with a tag.

Also you don't need header files anymore, stick it all in the same file as a tag, that way this new version is backwards compatible.

The only reason header files were invented is it allowed you to view the functions, it is no longer needed with IDE's that can expand and contract section so you can see or not see a section of code in the IDE. You can remove header files now and put them in the file itself or remove them completely.

Lets have, one file, one place, one configuration for the IDE, one happy community.

As things get more complex it is MORE important the IDE knows how to handle a file, what to load and not load and configure itself.

Matthew Groom