I think it missed this part "  including especially the problem it solves and alternatives considered. ..."

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Now I know some of the regulars here on the mailing list think that
this is a place where you're supposed to put forward your proposal and
argue ardently as to what problems your proposal solves and why we
need to burden the language lawyers and compiler vendors -- but I
think this can also be a place for thought experiments, and I don't
think people should hesitate to make weird suggestions because we
might strike gold one day on something that seemed ridiculous when it
was first posited.
Can't you do that on Reddit or Stack or elsewhere? Cluttering up this
ML with brainstorming ideas isn't helpful towards this ML's purpose of
making C++ standard proposals better. Having a place for fully-formed,
crafted, and *motivated* proposals that can be reviewed and iterated
on is important.

I think this was an appropriate use of this forum. Per https://isocpp.org/std/submit-a-proposal:

> "Float the idea. Post an initial brief description of your feature on the std-proposals mailing list, including especially the problem it solves and alternatives considered. ..."


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