Hi Phil,

so you want metaprogramming facilities to autogenerate code.

The current direction is to first get static Reflection integrated into the standard and build metaprogramming facilities from there. This is a huge topic and is planned to be finished 2029+++

Do you know those papers:

P1240R2: Scalable reflection in C++


P2320R0: The Syntax of Static Reflection


P2237R0: Metaprogramming



If you have specific feedback for the current direction of reflection or involve yourself to help resolve all the issues and bring e.g. Static Reflection to C++26 and Metaprogramming to C++32, you should read deeper those and related papers and then write to the authors.


C++ will get a thought-out general solution for metaprogramming, not a quick-fix. This will take some time.


In the meantime, there are smartpointers in the standard library and external libraries, and code preprocessors and memory checkers, which bind themselves to a program or within the Standard Libraries.





There was a talk on Cppcon by Andrei Alexandrescu: Reflection in C++, where he talks about current and future generic programming.


It currently probably is not available free of charge yet, but for an online conference pass.

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What I would like to integrate into the C++ standards first and foremost is a framework to allow implicit addition of class members, parameters, and scope instances, just like what the C++ Superset source-to-source compiler is doing right now.