I do not believe that adding ranges eliminates the need to care about old things. It's also impossible that no one will try il.cbegin() and get a compile error.

After adding methods to std::initializer_list, there is no need to overload free function templates.

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> I think cbegin/cend/rbegin/rend/crbegin/crend/empty/data methods should be added to std::initializer_list since it already has begin/end methods. This provides consistency, e.g. both il.begin() and il.cbegin() work. This way it does not need to provide overloads for std::initializer_list.

Can't you just use the `ranges::*` functions that do all of those
without having to add a dozen member functions?

Also, what "does not need to provide overloads for std::initializer_list."?
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