You know you can spell it as
   x *hadamard* y
by defining
static constexpr hadamard_t final {
    struct hadamard_proxy_t {
        matrix const* m;
        friend auto operator*(hadamard_proxy_t const& self, matrix const& y) -> matrix {
            return hadamard_product(*self.m, y);
    friend auto operator*(matrix const& x, hadamard_t) -> hadamard_proxy_t {
        return hadamard_proxy_t{&x};

I omitted the associativity helpers which are symmetric for brevity, and of course I completely neglected all the lvalue/rvalue forwarders, but it's close enough to give a hint.


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P.S. about overloading operator ->*.

Come to think of it, the dot product can not  use *= so I’ll let * mean point wise, which do use *= and let ->* mean dot product, so ->*= is never needed.


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Hi Patrik,

operator->* (pointer-to-member) can be overridden and is very similar in precedence to multiplication (one step higher only).




Sebastian Wittmeier


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