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Constructors really aren't normal functions - you can't take pointers to them, they're not really members, they're weird. I suggest making your own `make<T>` function which delegates to a constructor.


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I'm writing in regards the current situation with pointer to members.

First issue and most confusing perhaps is the fact that dereferencing such pointers takes a primary expression (instead of unary). This reduces usability significantly. When you say:


I strongly suspect that you don't intend to dereference the result of a function call and even if that's the case (which will be a very obscure case) I suspect changing current behavior will still issue diagnostics if the code was valid before.

I guess you are getting where I'm going to with this one - I suggest changing the syntax for pointer to member indirection operator to take a unary instead of primary expression with minimal breaking old code impact (I can only come to this conclusion given above thoughts).

Another suggestion, kinda on the topic, would be:

1. Adding a way to symbolize (mangle) given symbol (for easier linker access).

2. Most significantly allowing pointer to constructor with syntax like:

auto *ptrtocnstr = &Class::Class;

auto *classinstance = new ptrtocnstr(cnstrarg0, cnstrarg1);

auto *classplacement = new (classinstance) ptrtocnstr(cnstrarg0, cnstrarg1);

The above changes would allow dynamically linking in system specific ways.


For multiple constructors - the same way overloaded functions are determined, based on a cast.


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