I just had this idea today and it makes a lot of sense to add to the ISO C++ Standards.

1) Classes and structures are used for what exactly?

- Databases;

- XML I/O;

- Binary XML I/O;

- UI Widgets;

- Neural Network Abstraction & Representation;

- ...

2) What I am suggesting is to add a series of axioms that will implicitly transform simple namespaced structures into fully functional code, i.e.:

namespace data


    struct Address


        std::string country, state, city, street, zip_code;

        unsigned int number;


    struct Employee


        std::string first_name, surname;

        unsigned int age;

        double salary;

        std::string position;

        Address address;



3) You create the axioms:

template <typename T>

    axiom xml


       [...] somehow reads all member variables and converts them into Database Data, XML, Binary XML, UI Widgets, ...


4) You start using it:

xml<Data::Employee> employee1(/* Creates Connection to XML Server */);

employee1 >> ...; // Writes to XML Server


ui<Data::Employee> employee2; // Creates widget

employee2 << ...; // Reads from widget

So basically we need to create an mutliusage abstraction layer so that structures are really defined only once. I still haven't decided the best way to represent these axioms but I'll come up with something soon. But basically the "axiom" will have the capability to scan implicitly all member variables of a given class.


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