Could you please provide a comprehensive list of language changes? A more detailed diff?

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I wanted to wait to announce that but since the subject is opened then just know that I am planning to create an ISO / IEC JTC 1 framework on top of C++ called C++ Superset (that can be integrated into the C++ later on). You won't have to worry about bad and inefficient memory management anymore. All you'll have to do is to run the compiler on existing C / C++ code and your app will be crash proof and free from memory leaks.

That framework will offer the ability to add implicit variables, parameters, compound statement instances, class members and global singletons to existing C / C++ code and to overload raw pointers to the user's convenience. The Root Pointer I wrote is patent pending but any other important functionality can be added such as a runtime stack trace, catching segmentation faults before they emit a SIGSEGV, buffer overflows, double frees, ... the most important problems so far.

More than 10 years ago I was part of the Boost community and I wanted to create my own language but they told me not to create yet another language so I decided to create C++ Superset which makes sense because existing libraries just have to be recompiled, not rewritten from scratch.

So I was hoping to create my own SCC / ISO mailing list before announcing it but again since the subject was brought up already then now you know. I would like to recruit interested people as well.



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