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>>> Hi.
>>> Why is there no generic scope guard in the standard library?
>>> I am sure there must have been such a proposal before, probably with an explanation of why it was not accepted, but I couldn't find it.
>> Try std::unique_ptr with a custom deleter.
> This only works for pointers.

unique_ptr can be used with non-pointers

Oddly enough, both of those SO links are from people asking "Why can't I use unique_ptr on non-pointers?" and people in the answers pointing out that unique_ptr can be used only with pointers (that is, with types that satisfy the NullablePointer requirements). Notably, if your type isn't convertible-from `nullptr`, then it can't be wrapped in a unique_ptr (because unique_ptr works only with pointers).

However, for a generic scope guard, I recommend `Auto`: