People aren't saying those things to be difficult, they are saying them because your library does not present an idiomatic c++ API. We generally expect strong typing where operators do sensible things so we can write code that doesn't look like LISP, but instead looks like arithmetic.

Please learn the expectations of your target audience first, instead of just arguing. Some of our community has been with c++ from the start, which at this point is almost 40 years (before it was a standard). Some of us have been with C++ for "only" 15-20 years. C++ is a language with a particular feel, its own idioms, and conventions. Components that run counter to those don't interface with other parts correctly. For instance, how can I use standard algorithms with your big integer library? std::accumulate? std::partial_sum? std::sort? Would you think having to provide an explicit operation or comparator every time is a reasonable thing to ask every user of your library?


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I know that adding strings together appends them but my library does not appends both the strings, it calculates the actual sum that needs to be calculated in addition and in all arithmetic expressions. So, I would request you to kindly read the document that I am attaching below.

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