see my "PSSST" (Peter's simple strong typing) framework attempt (not finished) at

achievable through a library, so no need to change. In addition it allows you to clearly limit the available operations to a set suitable for your domain specific type. For usage see accompanying test cases.

Matt Hurd via Std-Proposals wrote on 21.02.20 01:21:
using my_typedifferent_int_t = int64_t is a little disappointing. No type safety by design which is excellent mostly.

How about:

using new qty_t = int64_t; 
using new px_t = int64_t;

auto bid = qty_t{100};

auto ask = px_t{200};

auto err0 = bid + ask;  // does not compute

& extensions without inheritance for reuse?

template<typename T>

struct bah_humbug_vector2 : new std::vector<T>{

  constexpr auto ssize() const noexcept -> std::make_signed_t<decltype(size())>{

    assert( size() <= std::numeric_limits<size_type>::max );

    return static_cast<std::make_signed_t<decltype(size())>>(size());



It would simplify a lot of my life and bring some facilities to C++ other languages support.

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