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This proposal will likely also include a mechanism for switching on types. I'm also thinking of using template/concept syntax in place of var.

I don't believe that template/concept syntax would be appropriate here unless changes were made to what templates/concepts can do. That's because what we have here is return types that are not dependent on templates, nor on concepts, but instead on branches.

The code for each branch is still generated at compile time, just as a call to a template function within a branch generates the appropriate function. As such, you can still place any requirement on the var type, and compilation depends on every such branch satisfying that requirement - exactly as if the equivalent callback struct had such a concept requirement on the parameter passed to the operator() method.

As an example, in the halve method you expect to receive an Arithmetic type. By prefixing var with Arithmetic, it provides useful error messages if one of the potential yielded values was, for example, a std::string_view.