... and consisted to good well known `struct` also.
or everything ( array, pair, tuple, vector-like-containers ) should be as `struct`, regarding TS.

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Il 07/06/19 19:12, Francois Chabot via Std-Proposals ha scritto:
> As far as I can tell, there is no particular reason why two threads
> shouldn't be able to write to different fields of a `std::tuple<>`, a
> `std::array<>` or a `std::pair<>` using `std::get<>()` concurently, yet
> this is currently not allowed by ommision.
> Would a proposal to add language similar to
> [container.requirements.dataraces] in order to formalize this be receivable?

How about raising a defect? I don't see why std::get on tuple/array/pair
shouldn't _already_ be thread-safe (given that ultimately it ends up
accessing different subobjects).

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