On Sun, 2 Jun 2019 at 17:07, Eyal Rozenberg <eyalroz@technion.ac.il> wrote:
Thank you, John, for the link to Lawrence Crowl's proposal:

On 02/06/2019 12:21, John McFarlane via Std-Proposals wrote:
> wg21.link/p0102

but has it come up in committee sessions? LWG specifically?

I doubt it. Proposals don't make it to LWG until they are quite far advanced. 

>     to the discussion of it,

> This comes up from time to time, e.g. earlier this year 
> ... snip ...
> I'd like to see the integer family (e.g. `unsigned`, `signed` etc.) as a
> parameter and for this to be a customisation point.

You mean something like this? :

   namespace detail {

   template <typename I, std::size_t NumBits>
   struct resized_integer;

   template <>
   struct resized_integer<int, 8>       { using type = int8_t;   };
   template <>
   struct resized_integer<int, 16>      { using type = int16_t;  };
   template <>
   struct resized_integer<unsigned, 8>  { using type = uint8_t;  };
   template <>
   struct resized_integer<unsigned, 16> { using type = uint16_t; };

   } // namespace detail

   template <typename I, std::size_t NumBits>
   using resized_integer_t =
       typename detail::resized_integer<I, NumBits>::type;

   template <std::size_t NumBits>
   using signed_t = resized_integer_t<int, NumBits>;

   template <std::size_t NumBits>
   using unsigned_t = resized_integer_t<unsigned, NumBits>;

That could be nice. But, again - has the committee discussed it?

Something like that, yes. I don't recall any committee discussion on it.