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Re: [std-proposals] Relocation in C++

From: Ville Voutilainen <ville.voutilainen_at_[hidden]>
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2022 16:13:50 +0200
On Wed, 2 Mar 2022 at 15:00, Maciej Cencora <m.cencora_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> Honestly, I'm done talking with you. I really think you are arguing in
> bad faith.

Suits me, although I utterly fail to see how you think you're
qualified to make such
a claim, incorrect as it is. Here's a hint: just because somebody
disagrees with you doesn't
mean they're acting in bad faith.

> There are just too many proposals related to destructive moves,
> move/relocate as language construct to prove that we need such a
> facility.

Plenty of those proposals haven't proposed relocate as a language
construct, and haven't
provided rust-like correctness as their rationale, many of them have
been performance-motivated.
There's little disagreement on that being useful, provided that we can
figure out how to make it fit
into the object model. We haven't had much discussions about relocate
as a semantic correctness

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