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Re: explicit class

From: Steve Weinrich <weinrich.steve_at_[hidden]>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2019 10:45:59 -0700
Hello Staffan,

I agree.

The root of this particular topic is about being able to "=delete" on a
destructor. As I have pointed out previously, classes abound that do not
require destructors and the compiler does not generate one.

If we are uncomfortable with the notion that a program never terminates,
that is fine. Let us eliminate that as an example. This leaves us the
question: Which is better, assuming that the compiler will generate a
destructor (even if does nothing) or being able to specify "=delete" on the
destructor. The latter gives us the opportunity to explicitly specify that
a class should not do anything in its destructor. In other words, that it
is a POD, and as such, one should seriously consider adding data members
that destruct!


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My reading of [intro.progress] is that a conformant C++ program can always
be assumed to terminate, eventually.

>"People normally don't write a program that never terminates."
>When talking about C++, we must consider more than just the "normal" uses.


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