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On Wed, Aug 4, 2021 at 10:28 AM Jordi Vilar via Std-Discussion
> Is there any deep reason for not having a constructor allowing
> initializing all four fields?

A `source_location` should either be a valid location in the source
(aka: the return value of some call to `current()`), or it should be
nonsense data.

Why? It'd be useful to be able to refer to locations referred to in a std::stacktrace_entry, or in a program other than the current program being executed - when writing e.g. a compiler, an IDE, or some other development tool. I realize that this isn't currently allowed by the API, but that doesn't in itself make it a bad idea.

It should *never* store values manufactured by user

The #line directive allows the user to store arbitrary values for file_name() and line() at compile time.