On Sun, 19 Jul 2020 at 00:44, Mandeep Sandhu via Std-Discussion <std-discussion@lists.isocpp.org> wrote:
> Ideally a constexpr string object using constexpr operator new could do that,
> but such a thing does not exist in C++ yet and definitely did not for C++11 or
> C++14.
> The best you can get until is to benefit from the Small String Optimisation.

What is the size threshold at which SSO kicks in? Is it implementation
defined? Is there a way to figure out if a string has been "SSO-ed" ?

The largest string in my case is 18 (lowest is 4). Wonder if SSO will
be applicable here.

If you only need something const(expr), is there any reason that you cannot use std::string_view?

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