Let's consider the p.#7 of the section 6.3.2 Point of declaration )C++20)

There is written

(7.2) — for an elaborated-type-specifier of the form

class-key identifier

if the elaborated-type-specifier is used in the decl-specifier-seq or parameter-declaration-clause of a function defined in namespace scope, the identifier is declared as a class-name in the namespace that contains the declaration; otherwise, except as a friend declaration, the identifier is declared in the smallest namespace or block scope that contains the declaration.

So this can be read as the form of the elaborated-type-specifier is considered only as a function parameter. 

This makes unclear where for example the point of the declaration of the structure B in the following example

struct A
struct B *b;

struct B

 That is the quote from the Standard does not cover this case or at least makes it unclear.

I think that the paragraph should be rewritten to make it more clear.

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