[class.dtor]/12 says: "A destructor is invoked implicitly ... for a constructed object with automatic storage duration (6.7.3) when the block in which an object is created exits (9.7), ..."
This appears to imply that a parameter object should be destroyed when the block containing the call is exited, since the object is created in the calling context.

Yet the intended rule for destruction of parameter objects is in [expr.call]/4: "... It is implementation-defined whether the lifetime of a parameter ends when the function in which it is defined returns or at the end of the enclosing full-expression. ..."

This seems to suggest to me that either [class.dtor]/12 should be amended with an exception for parameter objects, or that function parameters have a special storage duration which is not quite the same as automatic storage duration.

Should I file a defect report for this?
Brian Bi