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Re: Local variables

From: Vladimir Grigoriev <vlad.moscow_at_[hidden]>
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2022 13:13:56 +0300
At least In the C++ 20 Standard (6 Basics) there is written
7 A local entity is a variable with automatic storage duration (, a structured binding (9.6) whose corresponding variable is such an entity, or the *this object
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>Четверг, 17 февраля 2022, 23:03 +03:00 от language.lawyer_at_[hidden]:
>On 17/02/2022 22:48, Vladimir Grigoriev via Std-Discussion wrote:
>> Why are not block scope variables declared with the specifier static considered as local variables in the C++ Standard?
>AFAIK currently there is no definition of such thing as local variable.

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