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Re: Is module module declaration?

From: Vladimir Grigoriev <vlad.moscow_at_[hidden]>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2022 11:04:47 +0300
So it is not a module declaration is not it?
And how to what is it reading the section «10.2 Export declaration» where it is used in examples?
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>Четверг, 17 февраля 2022, 1:27 +03:00 от Jason McKesson via Std-Discussion <std-discussion_at_[hidden]>:
>On Wed, Feb 16, 2022 at 3:29 PM Vladimir Grigoriev via Std-Discussion
>< std-discussion_at_[hidden] > wrote:
>> The module declaration is defined the following way
>> module-declaration:
>> export-keywordopt module-keyword module-name module-partitionopt attribute-specifier-seqopt ;
>> As it is seen module-name is not optional.
>> So what does this record
>> module;
>> mean?
>> It is evident that it is not a module declaration because there is absent module-name.
>It defines the start of the global module fragment. As stated in
>section 10.4 called "global module fragment".
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