On Tue, Jan 18, 2022 at 5:53 PM Peter Dimov via SG7 <sg7@lists.isocpp.org> wrote:
> Daveed Vandevoorde wrote:
> >     — The proposed metafunctions now use span and string_view instead
> of
> > vector and string
> NTCS please :-(

I'm serious. Please provide a way to obtain a `char const*` instead of
std::string_view; that could take the form of a consteval magic function
taking the std::string_view returned from the official API.

Since the compiler will not want to be married to a particular stdlib,
its internal primitives are not going to be creating std::string_views

IMO one of the things we should discuss is what is the intent of the consteval API. Is it just: here are the basic blocks, build your own API on top of it or is this intended to be used directly by users. This should help to answer questions like this.
Another thing is: do we plan to implement something like a standard reflection-algorithm library later? If so, how do we plan to implement things like for_each, filter, transform, and many others, taking user-defined (predicate, transformation, compare, etc.) functions where these functions may or may not do unreflection (which requires instantiation contexts). How would the parameter lists of such algorithms look like? How do we imagine such functions will compose into bigger algorithms?