What's the paper number? I would like to see previous version too. 

Any paper is welcome, and I will try to schedule discussion for it. Looking at your paper it seems to me, it similar as a reflection over expression, I think you should be able to do same thing without any new language facility other than future reflection.


On 28. 1. 2021, at 13:46, Dominic Jones via SG7 <sg7@lists.isocpp.org> wrote:

Hello Hana,
I was wondering if I may submit a revised paper (R1) to the SG7 discussion group about the `varid' proposal I made late last year, please? Attached is the revision.
The revision includes:
- clearer explanation of the problem
- further considerations on workarounds
- corrections in the specification
- revision to the proposed implementation
- reference to Andrew Sutton's proposal in P2237R0, p. 15
Many thanks,
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