You could do that. I don't remember hearing of any compelling uses cases motivating them, though.

On Mon, Nov 2, 2020 at 11:56 PM Cleiton Santoia via SG7 <> wrote:

Two points:

1 - Can singular properties, like name_of be overloaded to work with reflection_ranges ?

consteval auto name_of(info) -> string
consteval auto name_of(reflection_range) -> vector<string> ?

consteval bool is_member_function(info);  
consteval auto is_member_function(reflection_range); -> vector<int8_t> ? // ok,ok vector<bool> not good

consteval std::size_t size_of(info);  
consteval auto size_of( reflection_range); -> vector< std::size_t >

2 - Can this "ranged" versions be implemented thru reflection ?


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