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Re: [SG7] status of reflection

From: Roland Bock <rbock_at_[hidden]>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2021 07:00:36 +0200
Feel free to ping me if you want some early feedback.

On 25.08.21 21:02, Jagrut Dave via SG7 wrote:
> Hi Hana,
> I'm collecting use-cases for Reflection in my company (Bloomberg),
> working with David Sankel. The idea is to analyze how they would work
> with the APIs and syntax that has been proposed thus far. It will
> probably take a few months to come up with a proper list, and analyze
> the gaps. Just wanted to let you know about this effort.
> Thanks,
> Jagrut
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> Hello my lovely group!
> I noticed there is almost no traffic recently. So if you have any
> reflection-related idea, please bring it on in form of paper, or just a
> notion here on mailing list. I heard Daveed is working on some paper. So
> this is more nudge than nudge than a status.
> Hana
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