Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to try out this approach on real students. My experience is that namespaces are seen as mysterious and scary, but I don't know if that would be so if they were used in simple ways from day #1. Also, in a large mixed group. there will be many who come with some experience and some preconceived ideas.

On 5/1/2023 6:35 PM, Ville Voutilainen via SG20 wrote:
Namespaces are one of those things.  Bjarne’s approach is to remove them for introductory treatment while I treat “std::” as just part of the name of things in C++.
I love this approach. At least for some things, I've found it much
more productive in software houses to say, when people ask
e.g. "how to make std::foo and boost::bar shorter?", "just don't, it's
much less trouble that way". That doesn't apply universally
to deeply nested namespaces, but it sure works great for those two
examples and more. It's unfortunate when one has to
unteach a desire to shorten as far as possible, because at some point
it's actually less readable.