JC: JC van Winkel
KG: Kate Gregory
BC: Boguslaw Cyganek
AP: Antony Peacock
MA: Michael Adams
FS: Florian Sattler
NL: Nevin Liber
RD: Rob Douglas (Scribing)


Reviewing Agenda

Status of Online Document
FS: FS and MA have been working on the document for a couple months. At point where Michaels PR is nearly complete to merge. PR bring a document generator. Other outstanding PRs may need fixing after this one. Should also be able to revision the overall version for use with feedback from others.
FS and MA give live demo of the document - https://mdadams.github.io/sg20_guidelines_for_teaching_cpp/latest/
JC: Offical kudos to FS and MA. This will hopefully allow people to figure out how to contribute.

Proposals in the works
RD: I put up two PRs yesterday for people to begin discussing.

Finding Topic Authors
FS: I put together a list detailing potential topics to write
* C++ compilation model Declarations
* C++ compilation model Definitions
* C++ compilation model Headers
* Error handling exception handling
* Error handling Error codes
* Error handling static_assert
* Meta-error handling coping with build errors

RD: Having the glossary of terms would be helpful to writing topics. Is there an update on that?
FS: I can speak to Chris (DiBella) to see where that's at. We'll try to further that.

FS: Any further business?