It's not clear to me, in writing these topic: what level of expertise should we expect of an instructor?

* Is it ok to expect they will do additional research? Or do we need to teach everything on the topic 
within the topic?

* Is it desirable, acceptable, unacceptable, or prohibited to refer to language features by their standard-names, such as grammar terms? Should we substitute with community names when available? Should we seek to invent new names? For example, I am working on the topic for requires-expressions, which appeals to terms like 'simple-requirements', 'type-requirements', etc. While I agree I wouldnt expect an instructor to necessarily know these terms when they begin creating their material, is it ok to expect they will do the research to learn them?

* Should we be providing examples: always, when useful, when necessary, or never?
I'm sure I'll have more questions, but these are the ones mostly on my mind.

-Rob D.