Hi all,

Now we have a nice example topic (https://github.com/cplusplus/SG20/blob/user-defined-literals/functions/user-defined-literals.md) worked out, based on the skeleton (https://github.com/cplusplus/SG20/blob/user-defined-literals/skeleton.md) we created in Prague, it is time that people who have an interest in writing the document for a topic are encouraged to do that.  The topics are listed as issues in our GitHub issues list here: https://github.com/cplusplus/SG20/issues. Note we call it a ‘skeleton’ and not a ‘template’ to not confuse people with C++ templates.

To make sure that we get high quality guidelines, we will follow best practices for coding: reviews (note: unit tests are not required :-)  

Therefore, please start writing topic guidelines following the skeleton linked above.  We use markdown for the encoding, so that we have no issues with different types of document formats that are incompatible.  When stored on GitHub, markdown will render nicely in a browser. 

The way to proceed if you are interested in writing for a topic, is:

  • "claim" the subject, by contacting JC or Chris (cjdb@google.com), so we don't have people working in competition on the same thing.  If you want to collaborate on a topic, that of course is fine, we’ll put you in contact with the other people working on the topic.

  • Once you have a markdown version available that is complete that can be submitted, ask for a review by checking the Markdown into an SG20 branch and making a Pull Request from your fork.

  • Once reviewed, it will be merged by a project admin (currently JC and Chris).

And then rinse and repeat!

Note that the topic guidelines are living documents and not set in stone.  They can be changed if bikeshedding outcomes give us new insights.

I look forward to seeing many topics being completed!