Here are the notes that Christopher Di Bella made.  Thank you Christopher!

## Attendees

jcvw: JC van Winkel (chair)
cjdb: Christopher Di Bella (scribe)
florian: Florian Sattler
neil: Neil Horlock
jens: Jens Maurer
michael: Michael Adams
kate: Kate Gregory

## Prague recap

  peter sommerlad gave a talk
  michael speretus gave a talk
  worked on skeleton for curriculum guidelines
  quite productive

neil: would be good for a google doc->markdown converter
cjdb: could use vscode or atom which allow for remote collaboration

## student outcomes vs ASSBAT

neil: bsi raised concerns about "ASSBAT"
cjdb: known teaching term is "student outcome"
jcvw: I want it to start with an action keyword, not "know" or "understands"
cjdb: I don't think there are any disagreements here

## skeleton

jcvw: completing P1725->GitHub issues is something that needs to be actioned
cjdb: need to follow the issue template for triaging

no comments on skeleton

jcvw: let's send out an email to get feedback and invite people to start working
neil: categorisation of different levels; migrating from audience tables to
      a three-level table
jcvw: I like this
jcvw: there's foundational knowledge, advanced knowledge, further knowledge
cjdb: I feel it's too coarsely grained

florian to revisit copy semantics and work with cjdb

cjdb: GitHub issue tracking can help us follow who's working on what
neil: this should be an iterative process to achieve progress

jcvw to start a doc and share it with a few people and then we can discuss
before posting to the mailing

jcvw: any further business?
florian: who has access to the repo?

cjdb to continue P1725 -> GitHub issues

no futher business