Most of these words can be found on C++ Reference. A Tour of C++ and The C++ Programming Language are a bit more of an extended glossary, and then there's the International Standard, which would be the "official glossary".

The only item you've mentioned that won't appear in these is magma, as that's an algebraic term that hasn't yet been standardised.

On Sun, 15 Dec 2019 at 15:47, rhkramer--- via SG20 <> wrote:
Can someone suggest a glossary that covers modern C++ terminology, I'm
thinking of things like:

   *  variadic
   * concept
   * magma
   * auto (I guess there are two distinct meanings / uses)

I could google, but haven't so far -- I'd like to find two glossaries or other
sources, one that might be the "official" glossary, and then one or more others
that might explain the same terms from a different (and, I'm hoping) and more
understandable perspective for someone in the peanut gallery.
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