I just joined this mailing list and my last set of calendar invites ended in October.  Could you either send me a new invite or confirm the meeting link?


Thanks in advance,


Scott McMillan, PhD

Principal Research Engineer

Emerging Technology Center, Software Engineering Institute

Carnegie Mellon University


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Hi all, just looking ahead to our plans

> Dec 10, 2020: 1800 UTC: stats paper
> Jan 14, 2021: 1800 UTC: differential calculus + reinforcement learning
> Feb 11, 2021: 1800 UTC: Graph paper 

For stats paper review next week, I think we are looking for a 2nd deep review of the paper with the following outside guess:

Walter Brown


Do I need to invite Mateusz to discuss collaboration for units addition for stats?

Anyone else I may be missing? 


I think this review could be our final review before a possible vote to move it to LEWG.


Thank you.