This is the definition of borrowed range. 
Ie, enable_borrowed_range is true for views known to have that property.

It is not clear to me that utf_view would benefit from being a borrowed range, 
None of the transform_views are in particular because they store the predicate, nor are the views whose iterators needs to know where the end is (chunk_view on a non forward iterator istream_views, a few others)

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Referring to the view in iterators  is not uncommon - for example

Per [range.range]p5, iterators produced from a borrowed range type (which utf_view is) are valid independently of the lifetime of the range object that produced them. Thus, such iterators cannot query their associated range object (but they might be able to query the underlying range object if known and if it is not a borrowed range).


For the bidirectional-at-most, there is a blurb  - I think Jonathan was wanting to factorise that out somewhere but right now you basically have to copy the blob