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Hello folks.
Here is a list of all the codepoint that change

Just a note: the gist has 8570 characters and that count matches the ranges specified in the D2675R1 annex.

Simply cat that file in the terminal.
The screenshot below is a render on ITerm2
You will notice the tofu for reserved codepoints is considered narrow
but doesn't quite fit so it overlaps with the next cell, same for the number in square.

Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 23.19.47.png

As discussed previously, a single screen shot that only shows a small subset of the relevant characters is not sufficient to demonstrate that the conclusions of the paper are consistent with existing behavior. I continue to have reservations about the screen shots in the paper for this reason; I don't see how they provide useful information at all. I think they are actively misleading since they do not appear to show behavior that is consistent with the intent of the paper.

I spent some time analyzing the behavior of all 8570 characters in the terminal I use (Konsole 12.12.3 with the Hack 10pt font). Here is what I found:

These results strongly match the intent of the paper and that the open question regarding the last group of characters should be answered such that they do not change width.

This is the kind of analysis I would like to see performed for other terminals so that we can qualitatively compare behavior between them. I attached C++ source code I used to display the characters.


FYI Iterm2 also uses Unicode UAX 44