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FR 5.3 [lex.charset] Replace "translation character set" by "Unicode"

GitHub nbballot issue #422.


C++23 introduces the term "translation character set" to designate Unicode scalar values. This new term is C++ specific and has no benefit over the terms scalar value or codepoints (both can be used interchangeably as surrogates are not permitted after phase 1 of translation). Because other terms exist, and because making characters up for non-assigned codepoints doesn't match any possible definition of the term "character", we would like to the term "translation character set" replaced by "Unicode" and "elements of the translation character set" replaced by codepoint or scalar value. In places in [lex] where the term character is used to mean "codepoint", it should be replaced by "codepoint".

Proposed change:


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These concerns were discussed as part of the reviews of P2314 and P2297 during the 2021-03-24 SG16 telecon. The following poll was taken at that time. The comment does not appear to present new information.

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