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FR [Bibliography] Unify references to Unicode

GitHub nbballot issue #412.


The C++ standard references no less than 4 different Unicode versions (12, 13, 14, 15).

Proposed change:

Please refer to Unicode 15 and associated UAX documents consistently in the Bibliography section and impacted sections

SG16 chair notes:

This comment is related to FR 5.3p5.2 [lex.charset] Codepoint names in identifiers.

Some of the Unicode versions referenced in the comment come from the Unicode version that corresponds to an ISO/IEC 10646 reference.

As Corentin described in a message to the SG16 mailing list, there are ramifications to referring to ISO/IEC 10646 to satisfy some Unicode needs and to the Unicode Standard for others. The different release cadence for ISO/IEC 10646 implies that we either have to 1) live with references to multiple Unicode versions, 2) restrict references to Unicode versions associated with the current ISO/IEC 10646 standard, or 3) discontinue referencing ISO/IEC 10646 (and make the case to the ISO that the limited scope of ISO/IEC 10646 makes it not suitable for our purposes).

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